Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Leather cell phone pouch

I wanted a pouch to carry my phone in while doing yard work or things where it would be harder to carry a phone.  I don't always have a pocket.  I wanted a leather pouch for sturdiness, but I wanted something fancier than a plain leather pouch.  For the longest time I could not decide how to accomplish it, then I had an idea.  I found a picture I liked.  It was actually a scroll saw pattern from an old book.  I then marked this on the leather using tracing paper.  Then I used a fine point black permanent marker to outline the design.  I used a combination of crayons and dye sticks to color the picture and then ironed it to make it permanent.  I have found from past experience with fabrics that regular crayons work as well as the more expensive fabric crayons when working with fabrics.  It seems to work as well with leather.  I then used nylon cord to stitch the pouch together and make the strap.
I think it turned out rather nice.

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