Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Knot a Hoot Owl

I decided to practice my macrame skills.  I had not done any for at least 15 years and when I had done it before, I was just using square knots and half knots.  Well, I decided to try to make an owl pendant.  It uses mainly half hitches.  I used square knots and half knots on the cord leaving spaces to show the black holding cord.  I think it looks ok for a first try.  My owl is just a little lop-sided.  Instead of a branch, I used a piece of flattened copper wire for the perch.  I hope to post some more later this week using different cord.  For this one I just the old waxed cord that holds the knots well.  The problem with it is that it feels sticky and has a tendancy to look ashy if using dark cord.  My next attempt will use cottolin, which is a blend of cotton and linen.

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