Saturday, March 5, 2011

It's not spring yet, still slipper weather

I have been busy and haven't gotten as many projects done as I would like.  I have been scouring thrift stores trying to find other items other than spoons to use for jewelry.  I am trying to gather new ideas.  I did some mending this week or rather re-lining of slippers.  Every fall I make new slippers for winter using old felted wool coats or sweaters and scraps of leather to reinforce the soles.  I decorate them with wool and embroidery floss.  I line them using terry cloth, flannel, or other heavy fabric.   I normally have to re-line them at least once each year.  The pattern I use for the slippers is the same for both feet so I decorate them differently so I keep wearing them on the same foot so they end up shaping to fit the foot. I thought that I would post some of the slippers that I have made before. 

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